Jul 19

Bulletin: Young Jin Cho elected bishop

July 19, 2012 Lake Junaluska, N.C.

Rev. Young Jin ChoThe Rev. Young J. Cho, superintendent of the Arlington District of the Virginia Annual (regional) Conference, was elected a bishop of The United Methodist Church on Thursday, July 19. Elected on the 29th ballot of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference, Cho was elected with 287 votes.

Cho is the final new bishop to be elected by the Southeastern Juriscional Conference in 2012. A total of five have been elected by the assembly, which is meeting at Lake Junaluska, N.C.

In addition to his service as a district superintendent, Cho served as senior pastor of Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington in McLean, Va., from 1983-2005.

As he was officially introduced to the conference, Bishop-elect Cho said, “Dear God, Your will, Nothing more, Nothing less, Nothing else.”

The assignments of bishops in the Southeastern Jurisdiction for the next four years will be announced Thursday evening.. A Service of Consecration for the new bishops is scheduled for Friday, July 20, at 10 a.m.


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  1. Jungrea Chung

    Congratulations, Rev. Cho!

    I knew you will be elected.

    May God continue to guide you as you lead your people in a conference assigned by God faithfully as you have done in your parish and district you served.

  2. William M. Finnin, Jr., Th. D.

    May God continue to bless your leadership as you move in this new direction of service in Christ’s church. Peace to you in the midst of your joy.

  3. Korean Church of Atlanta UMC

    Thank you for the Lord!
    We’ll Pray for you and your ministry.

  4. Yong Hwan Kim

    O Lord,
    Use him for transformation of the UMC.
    Thanks be to God.

  5. Byung Chill Hahn

    O Lord! How great thou art to use your people in your way!
    Congratulations, Rev. Cho!

  6. Dennis C Lipke

    Congratulations, Young Jin. I am so pleased that God’s will has been done.
    You have done so well the Lord has given you many churches!

  7. 이후석

    존경하는 조영진 감리사님,

    감독으로 선출되심을 진심으로 축하드립니다.

    하나님의 신실한 종으로써 목회를 통해서, 감리사로써의 섬김을 통해서 예수님을 본받아 ‘섬기는 리더십’을 발휘해오신 목사님께 하나님께서 더욱 큰 사명을 맡기셨군요. 위해서 힘써 기도로 돕겠습니다.

    샬롬! 이후석 목사 올림

  8. Arlin Honaker

    Dear Bishop Cho: God has called! The people heard! You have answered! Praise to God for your wonderful spiritual being that reaches to the depth of your soul.! Thanks for leadership and friendship. You will remain in my prayers always. Congratulations and Blessings!

  9. Joanne Maughlin

    Dear Young Jin, Praise God from whom all blessings flow! God has great things in His plans for you!

    Joanne and Stan Maughlin

  10. John h LEE

    Thanks be the Lord for the korean American

  11. Young-Ho Chun

    Heartfelt Congratulations on the occasion of your having been elected to the episcopacy of the united Methodist Church! I hope that your leadership not only make a difference in the United methodist Church, but more importantly also guide her to a different united methodist Church! from kansas City.

  12. Brenda Harris

    Hi Dr. Cho,

    Congratulations on your new appointment.

    Brenda & Ralph Harris

  13. Jae-Haeng Choi

    My heartfelt congratulations go to Bishop Young Cho and Rev. Kiok Cho.
    God’s Will has been done for Bishop Cho and the United Methodist Church!

  14. Kathleene Card

    Dr. Cho, thank you for your dedication to God and all of God’s people.

  15. Pat B. Tony

    To God be the glory! Bishop Cho and Rev. Kiok, we will continue praying for you. May our Lord continue to utilize your gifts to renew our UMC!

  16. Duk Hee Han

    Congratulations! May you be the bishop who will not make a compromise with what is wrong before God!

  17. 안희선

    조영진 감독님의 당선을 축하 드립니다.
    멀리 한국감리교회의 기쁨이기도 합니다.
    교회를 교회되게 하시는 성령님의 도우심으로
    아름다운 주님 나라 이루는 기쁨 넘치소서

    수원종로교회 온 성도들과 함께
    축하 드립니다.

  18. Tuyet & Paul Tran

    Praise the Lord for electing a humble servant of God to be one of our new UMC episcopal leaders. Xin Chua ban phuoc!

  19. Tuyet & Paul Tran

    Praise the Lord for electing a humble servant of God to be one of our new UMC episcopal leaders. Xin Chua ban phuoc. Tuyet and Paul Tran

  20. JaeJoon Lee

    할렐루야! 조영진 목사님의 감독 당선을 축하드리며 오묘하신 하나님의 섭리에 참양과 감사를 드립니다. 우리 연합감리교회를 위하여 주님의 권능의 손이 늘 함께 하시기를 기원합니다.

  21. Keith Willyard

    Congratulations! One of our own has blessed us and will continue to lead, no longer only the Arlington District, but the Virginia Conference as a whole! May God continue to use your gifts to raise The Church to a new high.

  22. Rev. Gayle Thornberry

    “For such a time as this!” Amen and amen!

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