Jul 19

NEJ elects Mark Webb bishop

Bishop elect Mark Webb addresses the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference this afternoon. Photo: Adam Cunningham

Two days, 35 ballots.

The Northeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church took a record-breaking number of ballots to elect three episcopal leaders this week.┬áThe Rev. Mark Webb received 134 votes on ballot number 35, and will be consecrated tomorrow at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Charleston, W.Va.

“We are a great church,” he said in his remarks to the conference. “But God isn’t finished with us yet.” Webb is superintendent of the York District in the Susquehanna Conference.



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  1. George & Suella Barto

    Congratulations on your election to the Episcopacy! We have been watching all afternoon and praying for your election. We have appreciated your ministry in our annual conference. We know you will be used by God and be an inspiration to whatever conference you will be assigned. We will keep your family in prayer during your time of transition.

    George and Suella Barto

    1. pat woolever

      congratualations –our prayers are with you on your next step in the journey. God bless you richly.

  2. Bill & Diane Grondin

    Dear Mark & Jodi:
    Congratulations on your election as Bishop! It was quite a long process to watch (and we are pretty sure it was even longer for you to experience as a “record breaking” event), but the Lord has spoken. We are confident that God’s will is being acted out in your lives and wish you all the best as you further your ministry to serve Him. Our prayers and supportive thoughts are with you and your wonderful family.
    Bill & Diane Grondin

  3. Toni Oplinger

    Dear Rev. Mark,
    Congratulations on your election as a Bishop. You have been an inspiration to all of us of the Susquehanna Conference. I know you are following God’s lead in your life and I wish for you and your family His abundant blessings. The Susquehanna Conference United Methodist Women will remain in prayer for you and your family as you transition to a new phase in your faith journey. I will miss having you as our District Superintendent.
    Toni Oplinger

  4. June Birk

    Congratulations to you Bishop Webb and to Jodi and the boys. I am so grateful to have had the experience to know each of you and to pray for each of you as you live out your witnesses for Christ. I am sad that you will be leaving us, your whole family has been a blessing to our congregation. I also am so happy for you all, knowing that God has a plan for you and you will accomplish many great things in His name. My prayers will be with you all as you transition from one place to another and I also pray for the people that will be replacing both you and Jodi in your ministry roles, they will have very big shoes to fill. : )
    Blessings, peace, and joy,
    June Birk

  5. Randy Willis

    Congratulations, Mark!

    Praying for you as you transition into this new ministry!

  6. Dan Moseler

    Congratulations and blessings in your new and expanded ministry. I may have moved to the Oregon-Idaho Conference, but my prayers have been with and for you in this election.

  7. Julia Piper

    Congratulations!! We are so excited about what God is doing in our very midst! God bless you and your family during this time of transition.

  8. Anthony C. Alexander

    Congratulations Bishop Webb, may the spirit of God direct your path as you lead God’s people to the kingdom in your new position. I shall ask God’s grace, mercy and wisdom for you on a daily basis. I shall ask for peace, patience and strength for Jody and your sons.

    Be well,


  9. Richard Felty

    Congratulations on being elected to serve as a bishop! My prayers are with you, Jodi, Tyler and Ben during this time of transition and following God’s lead in ministry! From the time I became your pastor at St. John’s in 1983 and participated in the Church Conference’s vote to affirm you as a candidate for ordained ministry, I have watched you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, a pastor and leader in our conference. May God continue to bless you in your ministry as a bishop so that you will be a blessing to those whom you serve.


  10. Howard Woodruff

    Congratulations Bishop Webb. You have lead by example and may God continue to work through you and your ministry. Prayers are with you and your family for the journey ahead!

  11. Roger Mentzer

    Dear Mark, Jody, and Family,

    We rejoice in this good news. God is smiling and we are glad. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will empower you with every ounce of grace, strength, and courage that will be required of you as our church faces the challenges into which God is leading us.

    Prayers which will not cease.


  12. Mary Fillmore

    Congratulations, Bishop Mark Webb, Jodi, Tyler, and Ben.
    May God bless you and your family as you continue to serve the Lord.
    My prayers will be with you and your family at this time of transition.
    Mary Fillmore

    1. Mary Fillmore

      Congratulations Bishop Mark Webb.
      We will miss you and Jodi and your sons, Tyler and Ben at Zion. You and your family have been a blessing to us. May God bless you and your family as you continue to serve the Lord as Bishop.
      Blessings, joy and peace, Mary Fillmore

  13. Christine freeman

    Congratulations Mark, we will miss you as our DS but I am excited with what God is doing through you.

    blessings to you and your family,


  14. Joleen Willis

    Congratulations Bishop Mark Webb!
    We are thrilled with your election! You have brought tremendous gifts to the pastorate and District Superintendency and you will do likewise as Bishop. May God give you vision and discernment that will guide and influence the UMC on a broader scale. You and your family are in our prayers.


  15. Carolyn Metzger Menne

    Dear Mark,
    Congratulations on becoming a bishop from the Metzger family and in the Susquehanna Conference. We are proud of you!! I remember you as a little boy coming to the Metzger reunion. I don’t know if you remember my father and mother, but your mother and grandparents knew them as Uncle Raymond and Aunt Louise. I am their daughter. Your great grandfather and my father were brothers. Do you remember ever coming to the Metzger farm or maybe passed by it on the way to the State Road Church on the Lycoming Charge? My
    husband Galen graduated from high school with your parents in Williamsport. Galen retired after 40 years as a UM minister in the Baltimore Conference. We live in Bowie, Maryland and visit our families in Williamsport often. My brothers Chris and Mark both live on the farm with their families and are trying to keep it going. Aunt Louise is in a nursing home in Montoursville and will be 93 on August 31st. Say hi to your grandparents and Aunt Diane.I know they are proud of you too. We pray God’s blessing on you and your family.
    Carolyn Metzger Menne

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