Jul 20

Episcopal assignments for Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church

These are the episcopal assignments for the Northeastern Jurisdiction for the 2013-16 quadrennium.

  • Boston Area (New England Annual <regional> Conference): Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar
  • Harrisburg Area (Susquehanna Annual Conference): Bishop Jeremiah J. Park
  • New Jersey Area (Greater New Jersey Annual Conference): Bishop John Schol
  • New York Area (New York Annual Conference): Bishop Martin McLee (new bishop)
  • Philadelphia Area (Eastern Pennsylvania, Peninsula-Delaware annual conferences): Bishop Peggy A. Johnson
  • Pittsburgh Area (Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference): Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton
  • Upper New York Area (Upper New York Annual Conference): Bishop Mark Webb (new bishop)
  • Washington Area (Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference): Bishop Marcus Matthews
  • West Virginia Area (West Virginia Conference): Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball (new bishop).

All United Methodist bishops in the United States will begin their assignments on Sept. 1.



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  1. Chris Redmond

    NY AC (McLee) seems to be missing from list.

    1. Kathy Noble

      Fixed now.

  2. Rev. Vicky A. Fleming

    Has the New York Annual Conference done something to offend you that we don’t get a bishop?

    1. Kathy Noble

      Sorry about that — fixed now!

  3. Lav Moa

    Hilarious that the new york annual conference didn’t get included in this list. Perhaps there is a subtle message being sent that it’s already gone.

    1. Kathy Noble

      Fixed now!

      1. Chris Redmond

        Fixed not quite correctly, though.

        1. Kathy Noble

          Now it is — my apologies.

  4. Adam

    New York and Baltimore-Washington both have Marcus Matthews listed. Is this an error?

    1. Kathy Noble

      Yes, and it has been corrected with muy apololgies.

  5. MP

    Bishop Matthews is listed in duplicate in 2 different annual conferences. Bishop McLee is omitted from the NY AC.

    1. Kathy Noble

      Corrected and triple-checked. My apologies to Bishop McLee and all of you.

  6. Moses Woodruff

    I am praying for Bishop Bledsoe and his family. I think it is a travesty to receive “rumors as complaints” without due process, and then act on the rumor as though it would embarass the church. If a person has a complaint, then the subject of the complaint should be allowed to answer the complaint. If we allow rumors to rule the day, then dark forces will always rule the day by casting doubt and suspicion….and I thought we were supposed to be about truth!

    1. Shadyrok

      @Moses Right you are… Truth and light. That describes the UMC alright… Very troubling the way the UMC treats it’s people and a Bishop!!! How vulnerable are Elders and Local Ministers if a Bishop can be literally railroaded in this manner…

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